Kanazawa Asanogawa Enyukai Hall is a museum that introduces the culture of chaya (geisha house), Kanazawa Geiko(geisha), and the activities of the local organization.
Located at the entrance to the Higashi Chaya District, it is a new information center that introduces the rich culture of the neighborhood.

The museum is operated by Kanazawa Asanogawa Enyukai, a local organization that manages events that allow visitors to enjoy unique experiences in Kanazawa.

The renovated traditional townhouse is one of the highlights of the museum.
Drop in here on your visit to the nearby geisha districts, enjoy the beauty and elegance of the building and relax in the rest area overlooking the courtyard.


From “Asanogawa Theater” to “Kanazawa Asanogawa Enyukai Hall”

Kanazawa’s rich traditional culture is centered around the Asanogawa area. Kanazawa Asanogawa Enyukai began as a local festival in 1987 to preserve the local atmosphere, pass down performing arts to younger generations, and create a vibrant community.
Since the 35th edition in 2021, the venue has changed, but the spirit of the event remains unchanged.

The festival is more than just a performance; it’s a special occasion to celebrate our unique local culture. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, the local riverside area thrived with theaters, restaurants, and geisha venues.
To honor this history, in 1996, we proposed building a theater with the goal of making performing arts accessible to everyone and revitalizing the city of Kanazawa.
Afterwards, we created a theater design, sought advice from experts, and further collected donations from the local community.

Over the past years, the area has become a beloved place to experience Kanazawa’s traditional culture, attracting visitors from near and far.
Finally, the group’s dream was realized as a museum that serves as a central hub to introduce local traditions, arts, and community efforts, to pass on traditional performing arts to the younger generation, and to host geisha training and performances.

Group photo of those involved (2005)

An image of the completed “Asanogawa Theater”


Main Hall 1F Introduction to Kanazawa Geiko and its Culture

Learn about Kanazawa Geiko

Kanazawa Geiko and its Culture

The art and hospitality of Kanazawa geiko are introduced through beautiful photographs. Along with the display of musical instruments and kimonos, and tapestries introducing the 200-year history of the area, visitors can feel close to the old streets and its culture.


Refresh yourself in the small garden connecting the main building and the warehouse.

Rest area

Take a break with a view of the courtyard.
This space is used for workshops as well.
This space is also used for workshops.

Main Hall 2F Stage etc.

Enjoy Stage Like Regular Customer


Up the stairs in the center of the hall is a banquet space called “Ozashiki. On a screen on the stage are showing video clips of the daily practice of Kanazawa Geiko and the fun games they play at the banquet.

Storehouse 1F/2F

  • 1F Introduction to Chaya Districts
  • 2F History of Kanazawa Asanogawa Enyukai

History of Chaya Districts and Asanogawa Enyukai

History of Chaya Districts and Asanogawa Enyukai

The first floor features photos of Higashi and Kazue-machi chaya districts, along with historical drawings and the diorama of Higashi Chaya District.

Diorama of Geisha House Shima

Shima is a former geisha house built in 1820, which preserves its original building and is now designated as an important cultural property. This diorama was created by local architecture students.

Diorama of Water Stage

The second floor introduces the Kanazawa Asanogawa Enyukai and its community activities along with the diorama of the water stage used for events.